Lawn Care Service

At Syverson Ground Services We understand that your property is a big investment and we want our customers to know that we are there for them to help them accomplish the dreams that they may have for there property. From new landscaping to existing landscapes that need a facelift, our professional lawn care staff can help. We strive to make the landscape experience just that, an experience



If you need someone to take care of your lawn weekly or even just once in a while, we can do all the mowing for you. Don't worry about ever pushing that mower again. Our team will make sure your lawn looks great.

Lawn Care Key Benefits

Taking care of your lawn requires more than simply mowing once a week or once every two weeks. Rather, it requires careful watering, monitoring soil content and fertilizing throughout the year. In order to truly care for your lawn you need to consider what it needs and make sure you're taking care of those needs.


  Experienced Landscape Professionals
  Extend your home with a beautiful garden oasis
  Increase your property's value
 Aesthetic beauty and curb appeal
  Gain health to your property

If you want to make sure your yard looks its absolute best you want to get some professional landscaping. We can take your yard from average to extraordinary with trimmed bushes, plants and vines. Whether you're looking for a small section of beauty in your traditional yard or a fully landscaped oasis, we can make sure you're taken care of with an array of choices for your needs.
You may never have heard of power raking but it's definitely important for the life of your grass. When you don't use power raking, dead material builds up between your soil and your grass roots. This can actually cause your grass to die for apparently no reason because you don't even notice that dead material (called thatch). By power raking you can get that material out of there so your grass stays healthy and strong all season.
When the weather finally starts to break (or just starts to get cold) you need to make sure your grass is prepared. Many people assume it will 'be just fine.' The truth is your grass is more fragile than you might think and it needs some help to get ready for those sudden changes. That comes in the way of mowing, fertilizing, trimming and plenty of other services that we can take care of for you.
Your shrubs should always look their best and that means making sure they are pruned regularly. Of course, that takes time and effort and that's why we're here to make sure your shrubs always look great and make your home and yard look great too. We use professional quality equipment to trim them exactly the way you want.
You don't need to cut down your trees to make sure your yard looks great. Instead, you should focus on trimming those trees to get rid of dead branches or bad sections. We can get your tree looking great and feeling healthy again just through trimming, so you don't have to worry about the way it looks or cutting it down.
One of the biggest things that everyone hates in their yard is weeds and we can make sure that your weeds are a thing of the past. We spray your yard with products that are safe for your family and safe for your grass as well, but that will get rid of the weeds fast.
Keep your grass and the weeds from growing in around your sidewalk (where they always seem to pop up). We'll take care of cutting around those sidewalks and even spraying weeds or grass that manage to edge their way in where you don't want them.
Making sure your grass is properly fertilized means getting the right type of fertilizer for your needs and spraying it consistently throughout the year, not just during the summer season. We can test your soil and get it everything it needs.
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