Southeast Minnesota’s Professional Solution for Solar Farm & Cell Tower Field Maintenance

Syverson Ground Services proudly serves commercial enterprises for all their landscaping needs throughout the greater Rochester, MN area. Do you own or manage a solar farm? Or do you lease land to a cell tower company? Our professional team specializes in maintaining those large and economically important properties!

Solar Farm Maintenance

Large photovoltaic panels aren't inexpensive, and they become less efficient when surrounding plants grow tall enough to intercept their sunlight. If you would like to safeguard your investment and promote optimal efficacy, choose Syverson Ground Services to maintain the area surrounding your ground-mounted solar system!

Our team will do much more than merely cut the grass around your solar panels. In addition to rough field mowing, we provide the trimming, pruning, edging and other landscaping services required to keep solar fields easy to access and safe for valuable electronic equipment.

Are you still in the planning stage of your solar farm? Partner with Syverson Ground Services on the ground level!

Cell Tower Field Maintenance

A cellular tower isn't an aesthetically pleasing landmark per se, but the area surrounding it still deserves expert landscaping all the same. Regular mowing will dissuade rodents and other varmints from interfering with the tower's normal mechanical operations. Keeping trees and other woody plants in check will avert damage to the tower's concrete foundation, as well as make life easier for the engineers who must service the tower. Finally, expert landscape maintenance will minimize the cell tower's visual impact on the surrounding area – a great benefit to the community as a whole.

Whether you would like to make your field more appealing to a potential renter – or need the landscape around an existing tower maintained regularly and thoroughly – then we welcome you to contact Syverson Ground Services today!

Contact Syverson Ground Services today for professional solar farm or cell tower field maintenance!